Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My third film of the festival was Monstrosity, by George Bonilla. Filmed on location in Richmond Kentucky, this film featured John Dugan of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bonilla won the award for Best Special Effects at the Fright Night Film Fest in 2006, for The Edison Death Machine.

Monstrosity starts out well enough. 10 years ago, carnival side show freak, billed as “Monstrosity”, breaks out of the circus and begins a killing spree. Monstrosity is a big ‘pig faced’ rubbery mutant with fangs and a clown wig, who just wants to be loved, his weapon of choice….a sledge hammer. Within the first 15 minutes of the film; Monstrosity kills 5 victims and we find new meaning in the term “giving head”. Unfortunately, this momentum is not sustained through out the film. Flash forward 10 years (present time), to a group of young people who decide to sneak into the old William’s Factory (the site of the murders, several year earlier) for a little late night party. Booze, dope, coke, pills, sex, and rock-n-roll in an abandoned factory… = Bad Idea. The group of six uncover a secret in the factory and spend the remainder of the movie trying to survive. Monstrosity starts out of the gate with a bang, and then becomes excessively sluggish. It is another 30-40 min. (app.) before Monstrosity kills again. John Dugan is funny as the Sheriff, in his cameo, but his bit is completely wasted and far too short! Although, I did appreciate killing 3 cops in one swoop!

The music used in this film is eclectic and somewhat irritating, as it at times sounds like a child’s toy whose battery is dying, to a warped Asia song (Couple’s Skate anyone?), then into some weird belly dancing hymn. The ‘death scenes’ are good enough and the plot line is mediocre. Monstrosity himself should have been a little less ‘clownish’ and more ‘freakish’. The worst part was at the end, when Monstrosity turns into a great big loveable pussy. I have never liked the idea of monster redemption; he’s a horrible insane mutant who keeps a severed head as his lover… not Anakin Skywalker. Let the monster be a monster.

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Aaahhh, and now for one of the highlights of the festival, DEAD MOON RISING, directed by Mark E. Poole. A strange disease consumes the world and the infected become brain eating ‘zombies’. The employees at Cheapskate Car Rental in Louisville (pronounced Lou a vuhl) Kentucky are thrust into the mayhem and have to fight off masses of flesh eaters, disgruntled customers, crazy ex-girlfriends, NRA buff brothers, issues with guns, and ‘pre-mature urination’ problems. Can the employees of Cheapskate survive the end of the world and unite the remaining biker gangs of Louisville to defeat the intestine grubbing un-dead? DEAD MOON RISING features; a cast of 14, 600 chopper bikes, and 1200 extras. This “Zomedy” has it all. A well written script, decent acting (memorable performances include Jason Crowe as “Jim”, Mike Seely as “Nick”, and Tucky Williams as “Vix”), ghouls, girls, guns, guts, and glory!

Writer/director/producer Mark E. Poole calls his Louisville-based film a hybrid of “SHAUN OF THE DEAD, 28 DAYS LATER and HIGH FIDELILTY.” The audience for this viewing was huge; everyone seemed to like the film and laughed quite a bit. Fright Night Film Fest awarded the Silver Screen award for Best Zombie Film to DEAD MOON RISING. The feature had previously won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Cine-Fest 2007 and Best of the Fest at the BIG DAMN FILM FEST 2007 in Cincinnati OH. Check it out ya’ll! For more information on DEAD MOON RISING go to: http://www.anubisdigital.com/


Here are a few more pics of some horror royalty!

Sharon Ceccati Hill and Clayton Hill from Dawn of the Dead (Lead Zombies)

Edwin Neall-The Hitchhiker!


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