Saturday, September 29, 2007


So back to the very cool Valley Film Festival.....

Written/Directed by Bob Gebert

I have heard about this film at various festivals in the last couple of months. At Dances With Films, a director in her own Q&A took a minute to tell us all that the best film she has seen on the circuit is 11 Minutes Ago. I admit my curiousity was peaked. Especially since I loved her own film, "I am Through With White Girls". Unfortanutely, the time slot it showed in did not allow me to see it. So I was thruilled when I heard it was playing in the Valley Film Fest!

And let me tell you, this film is worth all the buzz it has been generating. This is a beautiful story about time travel, the power of love and the moments most people just pass over. This is a film that will hold up to the test of time itself. Beautifully crafted from begining to end, this semi-non-linear film was a joy to watch unfold, all the way to the end of the credits.

The performances in this film are top notch! Pack (Ian Michaels) and Cynthia (Christina Mauro) are the pair of unlikely lovers that meet and fall in love in non-linear 11 minute increments. Ian time travels 48 years into the past for a sample of air to save Earth in the future. He leaves his house and lands in the same house in the past. A wedding reception is happening and within the first eleven minutes he meets the woman that will change his life forever. The camera crew that is there to film the wedding and reception get sucked in to Pack's story and Jeffrey (Bob Gebert) the crews director begins to keep the cameras on Pack instead of the bride (Taryn Reneau) and groom (Jeremy Juuso). Every person at the party is important and the conversations, if you piece them together throughout tell you the ending of this wonderful love story!

So for people who freak out about time travel films. I know, once they try to explain the hows and whys (Flux capacitors, time continuum, etc...) they never really hold up. The joy of this film is it just accepts that this is the reality... Pack is from the future. It doesn't try to get all sci-fi and explain and/or show it. It is a love story that just happens to be about a time traveller. And because of the way the story lays itself out, you find this fact exactly that. Pack is from the future.

If you get a chance to see this film you should. In the Q&A afterwards, I was shocked to learn that this film was shot in one day. There were multiple cameras filming the film, because of the film crew actually seen in the movie. Mr. Gebert, knew how to shoot this and the end result is an incredible film! It is a beautiful indie that deserves a wide release. Run to see this film.

Look for my interview with Bob on the mutimedia pages soon.

Directed By Richard Gonzales

In front of 11 Minutes Age, VFF played the short film My Wallet. This is a Laurel and Hardy/Three Stooges inspired film about a robbery going awry. It is an over the top chase of the victim going after the Robber. Like most slapstick you have to completely get out of reality for this film. People get shot in the head and are not hurt. People run as fast as cars. It is a cute film that you know this cast and crew had a wonderful time making.


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