Wednesday, October 10, 2007


14 films to cover today, try to keep up!

Directed By Paula Haifley

Just watch it! This is a delightful and fun three minutes of your life. A truly enjoyable film.

Directed By Chris Richards-Scully

This thriller reminded me of an Outer Limits or Tales From The Crypt episode. Very slick and well made, this is a WWII film complete with bombings and a haunting. One of the crew on board has brought his past with him and it takes the crew out one by one. Wonderfully acted and produced, this is as well made as they get. A visually stunning and creepy film. And as an X-Files fanatic back in the day, I love the name Scully!

Directed By Michael Simon

OK, this was funny! A marvelous masterpiece of gay farce. RB saw and reviewed this at Outfest and he loved it too. A zombie gets a second chance by coming out of the closet, after his death and finding the gay zombie trapped inside. He meets the love of his life and hilarity ensues.

Directed By Jacob Cooney

This totally felt like a Hitchcock Presents or Twilight Zone, and I mean that in the best sense. I truly loved the idea for this film and it gave me shivers all the way through. You can see the ending coming a little to early, but the performance of Maury Sterling as the killer Jon Doe was outstanding. Truly a remarkable film, that should be made into a feature soon!

Directed By Kenneth Foley

This Sci-Fi thriller had an interesting plot and good performances. It's not a new idea, but Mr. Foley pulls it off well. Some of the special effects are a little rough but once again this could be a great launching pad for a new feature.

Directed By Enrique Garcia

I think that this could easily become a classic piece of animation. What a truly remarkable film. This short has played all over and continues to make its way around the festival circuit. Based loosely around an artist named Leo (Davinci) of course who discovers an alchemist doing truly amazing things and how it forever changes his life.... for more info!

Directed By Yfke van Berckalaer

OMG! What a fantastic film! I love Love LOVE Horror movies! But secretly, or not so secretly I LOVE MUSICALS! And this is a brilliant film. IT is the classic musical story. Boy meets girl and falls madly in love. Boy pursues girl, finds obstacles he must overcome and then their is a glorious musical finale! That is this film, just with zombies! The actors are fantastic and they are blessed with wonderful voices. The song 'Eat the Flesh' is truly inspired and OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! This is a Disney film on acid and Hollywood should look at this to see how a new musical is made. Congratulations!

Directed By Brandon & Jason Trost

This is a fake trailer. I overheard Jason (one of the directors) saying they were making it into a real feature now. Good! It was campy, gory and a perfect trailer for a real zombie movie. Hope it gets made!

Directed By Adrien van Viersen

A very dark film about a rapist being confronted mentally with his crimes. You can imagine the toll that being a serial murderer and rapist has on the psyche and this guys is shot! I thought that the ghost of his first victim was all in his mind but the ending proved I was wrong. Really like it and had to look away once or twice.

Directed By Leslie Delano & Heidi Martinuzzi

OK! Vomit really grosses me out. You can see the interview with these two amazing ladies in horror on our website under Multimedia. This is truly a disturbing film. Disturbing in the sense that so many women go through this horrific ideal and turn to bulemia...... and disturbing watching this one woman completely lose her mind as she is being constantly verbally and emotionally abused by her husband and then abused by her own psyche. This felt like a drama instead of a horror movie and then BAM! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! From what I saw this is probably the bloodiest film in the festival. How do you make a bulemic horror movie? Watch this! BTW! Joe Bob Briggs is in it! And Jaime Andrews is fantastic as the woman losing it!

Directed By Marc Furmie

Totally thought I was watching the Outer Limits with this one. A beautiful tale of a man's art coming to life..... or him catching the dark realities in his art.... either way a very well made and well acted film.

Directed By Jake York

Every camp fire story has a truth somewhere. The idea of this film (campers being massacred, Don't turn on the light's, etc.) They scare us because they are jsut a part of our collective psyche or Urban myths. It's always nice to see one of these well done, and this one was. As scary as an urban legend can be!

Directed By Christopher Farley

Because I am a comic book geek, I am just wired correctly to love this movie. I went in wanting to really fall in love with it.......and I did! Sci-Fi is a hard genre to do low budget. Special effects can look bad, the story, the costumes......etc. Chris Farley knows how to get around these obstacles brilliantly. The moon getting close to crashing into the Earth could easily look horrible (In a Plan 9 type of way) But here it is masterfully done. Mr. Farley has created a wonderful film that deserves to be seen! I really would have loved to been able to speak to him. I will try to get in touch with him for an interview soon. Now the plot.....

A scientist discovers an entity from another world, a symbiotic organism. During an accident, where his 'girlfriend' is taken by the bad guys, the organism bonds with him and makes him Atom Nine! A new superhero who must defeat the villian, save his girlfriend and the Earth and learn how to use his newfound powers. The script is tight and fun. The effects are perfect and the character's make you fall in love with them.

I was afraid it was going to be a rip-off of DC Comics Adam Strange. It was not! Christopher Farley has created a new superhero who is as down to Earth as they come. Loved the robot sidekick, and I hope that this is just the begining for more adventures from Atom Nine!


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