Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am afraid that today I was only able to cover 3 films. I did not see Criticized at this festival but I saw it at Valley Film festival and reviewed it there! This movie made me cringe alot and I hailed it as a find for the horror genre. I still think that Richard Gale is one of the brightest (or darkest) new directors in American horror Today. You should see it!

Now for the films I did see....

Directed by Simon Bovey

Once again this felt like the Twilight Zone. It would have played perfectly on TV. This was an inspired Sci-Fi film that makes you think where will science go! Really enjoyed the film and the lead perfromance.

Directed By James Pounce

What a fantastic film! Once again there can be horror found in the most unlikely of places. And the killer in this short is downright scary, because it is so beleivable in its normalness. The entire film is. Well acted and paced, tightly shot and wonderfully written. A truly scary short film!

Directed By Alan Chan

This is an interesting idea. I think it is to long, but it is visually breathtaking. The special effects in this Sci-Fi were exceptional. They looked very very real and since it takes place in space, very hard to do. Beautifully shot, just to long. I loved the idea of space explorers and watching the successes and failures of the process.

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