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Louisville, KY.
August 17-19

I have always been a fan of horror in all forms; books, movies, television…etc. As a small child in the early 70’s it was all about Scooby Doo, but I as grew older so did my taste in the macabre. I remember being 6 yrs. old, hiding behind the couch and sneaking peaks at the TV as my father watched Twilight Zone episodes. I still have not recovered from “The Invaders”. Then the teen years hit and it was the 1980’s, horror movies and heavy metal, baby! Now, as a woman in her thirties, I look back on my youth with fondness. Many ‘foggy’ nights I spent hangin’ out with “Leatherface”, “Michael Myers”, “Jason Voorhees”, and “Freddy Kruger”.

TONY MORAN Original Michael Myers
John Dugan "Granpa" Texas Chainsaw Massacre with our fabulous reporter Tish Usher (GypsyTishy)

You can imagine how excited I was to discover that these ‘old friends’ of mine were all going to be at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville Kentucky. With my camera, tape recorder, notebook, and Sharpie in tow…I headed out into the darkness.

The first film I saw was MISADVENTURES IN SPACE, by Jerry Williams.

This low-budget local film was an Ed Wood Jr. sci-fi wannabe. I am honestly not completely sure what the plot was about. With over 20 different characters and 5 different locations it was difficult to keep it all straight. An evil empire is bent on destroying the earth and earth supporters. The evil “Octopi Empire” headed up by (several different) evil baronesses, is trying to take over; the Prime Planet, spaceships #7 and #8, as well as, an Ice Princess’ Lair, and a few other sites I can’t remember. Character “Alien Incognito” tries to help the Captain of spaceship #8 (who is also a porn addict) from the Octopi Empire. There was also a stuffed teddy bear named “Roswell Doggett”. Locations were depicted by (poorly) hand drawn pictures with a couple of computer generated explosions. Most shots were close-ups with changing card board scenery (shifting from white sheets to aluminum foil curtains), all filmed in black and white. With sultans, baronesses, aliens, teddy bears, robot dates, horny monsters, heroes, seers, captains, sailors, admirals, and even an Ice Princess whose scepter was dildo….this film was SCREAMING for Tom Servo and Crow to watch and add comments (believe me it would’ve helped). Although this parody was really awful, it was pretty funny and you could tell that the cast and crew were having fun doing it. There were references and inside jokes from Star Trek, to Rocky to Forbidden Zone. Here are some of my personal favorite quotes:
“Take this vixen from the void!”
“Rip off their noses and shove them up their asses. Then rip off their rectums and shove them into their ears. Then rip off their ears and shove them up your own asses!”

For a closer look at the trailer visit:

The second film of the evening was INTRUSION, by Craig Everett Earl of Louisville Kentucky.

Earl tries to break the chain of the usual slasher horror film; by giving his audience more back ground and character development of the characters. Two young women, Holly and her best friend Kali decide it would be a good idea (even though it never is) to do some prank phone calls…just for fun and games. One of the prank calls they make is to Raymond Hummel, whos own personal life has taken a severe turn for the worst. Raymond is not in a ‘good place’ when he receives a prank call from Holly and Kali. Raymond begins to stalk Holly and her friends, one by one. I liked this film, I found it somewhat refreshing. The female characters were not idiots and had some sense (they actually had some fight and spunk in them). The character of Raymond was also given a ‘meatier’ role, then the usual psycho killer. At times Raymond (played by Lee Haycraft) looked so normal and un-creepy, that I couldn’t believe he was a killer. My only suggestion is that if Mr. Earl really wants to make a film that is against the usual horror/thriller norm, give his audiences a little more incentive than “prank phone calls gone bad”. All in all, I will be interested to see the growth of Craig Everett Earl’s future films.

For clips and more information about Intrusion:

A few more cool pics from the convention floor!


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