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The Rivers Edge Film Festival is fantastic. Located in Paducah KY, right in the heart of the thriving arts district. Paducah is also home to the National Quilting Museum, The wonderful Market House Theatre and home to many artists who have taken advantage of the lofts provided by the city to resident artists! What a wonderful place for a film fest. And what a great staff and volunteers. Hard working and numerous as well as knowledgeable and full of Southern charm and friendliness. Now to some of the films.....

A campy romp through the final days of a couple that meet on the internet, form a suicide pact and finally meet face to face.
Written and directed by Mickey Blaine, Commit was shot in 3 continous takes over a two day period on a budget of less than $10,000..
Nicole Blaine as Trista and Forest Erickson as Perry are believable as the lead characters in this disturbing, yet oddly romantic film.
If you enjoy the television series Friends and the motion picture Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, You will love Commit! Best Film at the Longbaugh Film Festival 2007, and the Best of the Fest Riversedge Film Festival 2007

Born in Parish, Alabama, raised Church of Christ, Jeff Key tells his story of family commitment, patriotism and being a homosexual Marine.
Saturated with symbolism, my favorite scene was Jeff driving through his hometown talking about the ramifications of 'coming out', the camara stays focused on the solid double yellow line on the road...'do not cross'. Or, as the Marine's say "Don't ask, don't tell". At 6'4 and square jawed and speaking with quiet authority, Jeff Key is a Marine's Marine.
Directed by Vince DiPersio
Juror's Award at Riversedge Film Festival 2007

Drama Short Program:

Ten year old Kate lives with her over-achiever father, law student and demanding mother and finds comfort in a ride home from school. A ride with a stranger...his kind words send Kate searching for more. The foreboding story is all too real as the young actress conveys her thoughts through eye and facial expression as much as dialog. Any parent seeing this film will immediately have 'that' talk with their children!
Directed by Kristina Lear
Honorable Mention at Riversedge Film Festival 2007

Ed Marko, an Occupational Therapist turned auto-mechanic lost his eyesight to a degenerative disease at age 20. Following Marko through his daily routine of struggling to find nuts, bolts and tools reminds me of the Day-In-The-Life-Of series. I enjoyed this film and applaude Marko for his ability to deal with the everyday tasks of being an auto-mechanic dispite his blindness.
Directed by Casey Hayward

As Hannah's father reels from the death of his wife, young Hanna escapes into a world of fantasy that allows her to become invisible. She entertains her younger sister, plays tricks on people, seeks revenge on a classmate and ultimately pulls her Father from the brink of dispair.
Directed by Darren Bolton

Richard meets Karen at a sculpture garden. A painfully shy man, Richard finds comfort in Karen's easy manner, Karen is blind. Follow them as their relationship grows and sequentially peels away layers of their character revealing Richard's shyness to be much more of a disability than Karen's blindness.
Directed by Helio San Miguel


I laughed out loud! Well done spoof about a blind date that goes back and forth between what the characters are actually thinking and what they actually say. Blunt is the key word here. He is overly concerned with how to get her into his bed and she thinks he is too macho for his own good. Like a play within a play, we see both conversations take place as if it's normal.
Directed by Sven Kamm

The story revolves around a young man who finds that he can con his way through life. We see him conning women for money, using his Mother as the hook and engaging his friend in the robbery of the bank he is manager of. This story was not entertaining nor was it new. I did not find it funny or believable.
Directed by Brandon Bennett

A wonderfully silly film about....well....about nothing really! Two friends volley a series of ideas centered around two men in a fishing boat.
The brief scenes are hilarious and the ending is...well...explosive!

This spoof on husbandry is wonderfully delivered in curt, humorous messages. A suburban housewife relies on a super-macho neighbor to help with tasks that her 'almost feminized' husband is unable to do. When war breaks out and they are forced to live in the deep woods, fending for themselves, characters change as the wife takes on an almost cave-woman role and the super-macho neighbor undergoes a change that is the twist in this very funny film.
Directed by Melani Jones

A gem of a film! Boy meets girl, boy tries to impress girl, boy seriously mistakes what girl will view as sweet! The clumbsy attempt at romance between two college students is portrayed in such a way that everyone can relate to the pitfalls of being young.
This was my favorite film of the festival and wonderfully executed by the team of:
Matthew Dressel, Director and Co-writer
Aaron Dias, Co-writer and camara operator
Joe Laviska, Key grip
Amanda Karasienski, Producer

Two soldiers are caught behind enemy lines with a reporter that will 'do anything to get his story'. While intended to be funny, this films proves to be painfully true to life in regards to media sensationalism.
Directed by Greg O'Bryant

More to come from this fantastic KY Festival!!

Ben, Patti and Vicki

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