Friday, July 20, 2007


DGA Theatre 1

Okay I wasn’t a big fan of the original movie, there I said it. And the touring production of the Broadway hit seemed to be trying too hard… yeah I know, I should be ashamed of myself. So I wasn’t expecting much from the movie either, and I really didn’t feel like the previews were all that interesting—OMG! That’s OH MY GOD! for the shorthand impaired. From top to bottom, beginning to end, from “Good Morning Baltimore” to “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” this movie was non-stop magic! It clipped along at a pace like an action packed adventure movie. No excess, just brilliant, to the point storytelling with a lot of glitz, glam and oh, yes, lots of AquaDeath—as we affectionately refer to that stuff that magically makes everything stiff, erh, uhm, anyway... I see a Hairspray Sing-a-long at the Ford Amphitheatre in this movie’s near future.
John Travolta as a woman? Somehow you believed it. Michelle Pfeiffer was devilishly good. “Glad to have you back, babe!” Leave it to Mark Shankman to bridge Grease and Grease 2… Okay, you better know what that means. The entire cast was fantastic. The look of the movie was spectacular. This is one of those rare movies that I will see again, first run. If you haven’t seen it by now, GO!

Ford Ampitheatre
Feature Centerpiece

A wonderful script and story by Director, writer by Jonah Markowitz. Apparently this is the first feature that Here Films has made under their new feature film wing. There are alot of HERE tv and film productions in Outfest this year. This was a very pretty film with alot of charm. It falters in places but does a good job with the budding relationship romance of the lead character. This film had fine acting with an incredible performance by Brad Rowe as the love interest. I have absolutely no interest in surfing but this film captures it on film remarkably well. Go and see it when it gets released. There are a few storylines that kinda pop in and out of no where and are never heard from again. But while I was watching it I didn't really care. It's a nice smooth ride.


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