Friday, July 20, 2007


Ford Ampitheatre

I am going to coment on this because I had so much fun I can barely speak today. And I have to go push alot of kids out of my way tonight to get the last Harry Potter book at midnight! LOL Just wanted to write that in the blog SO EXCITED!!!
Back to the event! Bill Condon was on hand to cheer us all on and welcome us to the gayest movie in history...... Dreamgirls! Now I had heard alot of rumors about who was attending. "Jennifer Hudson is confirmed!!!" I heard this 12 or 13 times as well as my favorite. Jennifer Hudson and Ms. Jennifer Holiday are both going to be there with the Gay Mens Chorus all on stage singing! I heard this more than once too. After all the rumors (none of course true) There was 1 special guest. And I personally think it was the coolest thing that could happen.

I have been dissapointed about the film not including my favorite song, PARTY. Well last night the incredibly beautiful and talented Loretta Devine walked out on stage wearing a polka dotted dress and matching flip flops (I am serious) and belted the hell out of that song. She was the person who originally sang it on Broadway and she sounds even better now in my opinion. It was the perfect begining to a wonderful evening.

Dreamgirls isn't the perfect movie to talk back too like Rocky Horror ..... or is it? It seemed to work quite well last night as people booed and hissed at Curtis. As the girls turned their wigs around backwards and as a loud throng of male voices screamed I am telling you I am not going and I am changing. What a wonderful surreal experience.


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