Friday, July 20, 2007



In his first feature, Alexis Dos Santos’s depiction of the teenage experience hits all the highpoints: hanging out with friends, singing in a garage band, experimenting sexually with girls (and boys), coping with the family, and sniffing glue! Through guerilla Super 8 handheld sequences, more singular, allegorical moments divulge inner struggles within each of the disaffected youths. The dry desert of Patagonia Argentina sets the stage for the kids’ boredom, exploration and meandering attention, orchestrated by a kick ass collection of Violent Femmes tunes.

Lez Be Friends

This is a riotously funny sitcom directed by Glenn Gaylord about a butch dyke named Ricca Pike and a sissy boy named Jamie - best friends who move to New York the day after the Stonewall riots looking for a place to live. This dynamic duo meet their destiny in the slutty bartender at the Stonewall Inn, Blake, who just so happens to have a vacancy at his place due to the recent breakup of his live in three-way. But Ricca’s gonna have to femme it up a bit to pass inspection with the landlord, Truman Dubois (played by Robert Michael Morris from The Comeback), who hates lesbians. It’s like Three’s Company for the queer set, complete with laugh tracks, authentic commercials from the 70’s and mid-scene product endorsements by the cast. This was the first two episodes of the series. Gaylord wanted to write a show about every gay guy who ever wanted a lesbian for a best friend and vice versa. The whole first season is in the can and he is shopping the show around trying to get it picked up (ahem, Here!, Logo, anyone???).


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