Tuesday, July 31, 2007


DGA Theatre 1

I love this series of films. You cannot call them just stand up comedy films because they are also real documentaries. The stories and insight that you get into the "subjects" or comedians is interspersed with fabulously funny stand up excerpts. Directed and produced by Andrea Meyerson (whom we interviewed, look on the Multimedia page) the Laughing Matters films are a testement to the strength and humor of the GLBT community. Bruce Vilanch and Alec Mapa stood out for me and I thougt I was going to pull a muscle from laughing so hard. I cannot wait to see what is next in this fantastic series that know Laughing Matters!

We Are Family
DGA Theatre 1

I am not going to go into detail on this. They did not give out any spoilers at all. Ken Olin moderated the cast. He was very funny, crass and witty. I have always loved him. Writer/creator Robbie Bates, showrunner Mark Perry and out actor and writer David Marshall Grant joined the panel and delivered lots of insight into the characters and storylines from last season. Sally Field (IFREAKED OUT), Matthew Rhys, Patricia Wettig, and Ron Rifkin rounded out the panel as the cast. The talked about how gay characters on the show are the norm. They are seen as the same as everyone else. I love this show. I think Sally better win the Emmy and I cannot wait til nect season!

Showcase Theatre

OK! There are lots of films that you can enjoy. There are lots of films you like and you have to find something to say about it. This is a film that I LOVE!!!! What an inspiration in the making of this film. Directed by Matthew Buzzel and written and starring Michele Mulroney and Micah Schraft as the hilarious rock duo trying to reinvent themselves artistically and personally. The songs were written by Michele and Micah too. They were elementary school music teachers who would sit around after school composing inappropriate childrens songs for fun. Tehy turned them into this film and thank you for taking it to this level. The film is narrated by Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live). Mink Stole makes a hilarious cameo. The tag at the end of the film says "No children were harmed in the making of this film" It does not have distribution yet but it will soon I hope. GO SEE THIS FILM I WILL SAY NO MORE!

Showcase Theatre

OK. I love the bad grainy sexploitation, Blackploitation films of the 70's. Apparently so does the illustrious Rupaul Charles who wrote this love letter to the genre. Directed by Mike Ruiz, this film tries hard to look like a 1970's bad film. It succeeds with fantastic results. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the perfect companion piece to see after Sunny and Share Love you. Rupaul was hilarious, as was the rest of the cast. And this movie has alot of penis. It is not for the faint of heart. LOL! Special agent and former supermodel of the world Starrbooty has to go undercover as a prostitute and she has to put out for real! Love it! She was there and looking fierce.


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