Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Kristoffer say a movie at the HERE Theatre.....
And RB saw the Documentray showcase at the DGA.

Outing Riley had a wonderful short in front of it called....
Directed By Michael Bodie

This is his first film. He wrote, directed, edited and produced. I think it was his thesis film. A married man falls in love with the male page turner at a piano recital in a private home. His fantasies become more and more until finally he shouts out in mistake and turns it into a shocking reality. A very funny little film with alot of charm.

Showcase Theatre

This is the second film to be written and directed by Pete Jones. His first Stolen Summer was the winner of The Project Greenlight. I still think it was a smart script!
This film is very different and very similiar all at the same time. It takes place in Chicago with a very Irish-American Catholic family. Just one of the brothers happens to be gay, and the only person who knows in his family, is his sister. And she wants him to come out to all of his brothers and quit living a lie.

This film is refreshingly normal in it's family dynamics and comedy. The gay man is your everyday everyman with nothing hyper about him at all. This film unlike so many gay movies does not pander steroetypes to it's audience. It keeps itself grounded in reality and doe sso brilliantly.

It is a very touching and endearing story whose film quality is far above most gay films. I cannot believe that this movie will not get a release into theatres. Instead it will be out on DVD in October with distribution by Wolfe Video. INSANE! This film has been robbed of its theatrical release. A comedy that doesn't tie everything up in a nice little bow but keeps the ending real.

What an amazing cast. Nathan Fillion and Julie Pearl stand out in exceptional turns as the charcters family, and Pete Jones stars as our gay everyman. He is also quite good! Buy this movie and see it. It will also be on LOGO sometime soon.


Documentary Centerpiece
DGA Theatre 1

Review by RB coming soon.

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